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Parent Coordination

Parent Coordination Lawyers Assisting Families in Missouri

When parents are having difficulty reaching a resolution of child custody or child support issues, parenting coordination can be an important tool for resolving disputes and handling high-conflict cases peacefully. In many shared custody situations, parents have difficulty communicating with one another and cooperating with one another for the benefit of their children. A parent coordinator can act as a neutral, or impartial, third party who can help parents to reach an agreement and to learn to communicate for their child’s benefit. Do not hesitate to get in touch with an experienced parent coordination attorney who can help you with your case.

What is Parent Coordination in Missouri?

Under Missouri law, there are a variety of family law circumstances that involve child custody issues and child custody disputes, from divorce to paternity. In many of those cases, there is substantial conflict between the parents that threatens the child’s well-being. Even if you are going through a high-conflict child custody case, or your ex refuses to comply with a child custody order and existing parenting plan, it is important to know that parent coordination may be able to help improve communication with your ex and to give you an opportunity to resolve custody issues peacefully, without going to back to Court for litigation.

Parent coordination, is a relatively new type of legal process through which a neutral third party known as a “parent coordinator” serves as a kind of mediator for the parents. With help from a parent coordinator, the parents can engage in mediated dialogue with one another, with guidance and help from the parent coordinator. If the parent coordinator cannot help the parents reach an agreement on their issues, the parent coordinator is then given authority to hear the issues from both parties and to make a decision on the issue. 

When parents go through parent coordination, they can often improve their communication skills with one another, which can be beneficial long term. Indeed, through parent coordination, parents can learn communication skills that they can use when subsequent disputes arise, allowing them to be better co-parents to their kids.

Issues a Parent Coordination Can Help to Resolve 

Parent coordinators want to protect children who are caught in a difficult or high-conflict child custody case, and they also are tasked with helping the parents to communicate in order to resolve existing disputes. Some of the child custody issues that a parent coordinator can help to resolve include but are not limited to:

  • Scheduling issues for parent drop-off and pick-up;
  • Vacation or holiday schedules;
  • Communication with the child, including issues concerning texting or calling with the other parent or the other parent’s family members;
  • Child’s education;
  • Child’s sports or other extracurricular activities; or
  • Medical care for the child.

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