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Maplewood Legal Separation Attorney

At Raza Family Law Solutions, our Maplewood legal separation attorneys provide reliable, solutions-driven guidance and support during divorce. Recognizing the emotional and complex nature of separation, we prioritize your interests and those of your children, with a commitment to peaceful solutions. If you’re in Maplewood and you find yourself searching for “a legal separation attorney near me”, look no further than Raza Family Law Solutions. To schedule an appointment with our Maplewood legal separation attorney, please contact our team today.

What Do You Need to Know if Considering Divorce in Maplewood, MO

The laws and processes surrounding divorce vary from state to state. In Maplewood and throughout Missouri, the legal term used for divorce is “dissolution of marriage”. Let’s take a look at the specific requirements in Missouri for a dissolution of marriage.

Residency: Before initiating a divorce, ensure that at least one party is a resident of the state for a minimum of 90 days before the petition is filed.

Starting the Process: A Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is filed in the county’s circuit court where either partner resides, detailing aspects of the marriage and grounds for divorce.

No Need for Blame: Missouri recognizes only no-fault grounds for divorce. The only basis required for divorce is stating that the marriage is irreparably damaged, removing the need for accusations or blame. There’s no need to prove wrongdoing like cruel treatment, adultery, or abandonment.

Prioritizing Children: For families with minors, decisions around custody and support prioritize the child’s well-being. In Maplewood, MO, joint custody is encouraged. Several factors, such as the child’s relationship with each parent, their physical and emotional well-being, and the ability of each parent to provide for their needs, influence final decisions.

Fair Division: In Missouri, marital property is divided based on fairness, not necessarily equally, accounting for aspects like contribution to the marriage and the individual financial situation of each spouse.

Considering Alimony: Spousal support isn’t guaranteed but is determined by evaluating the financial landscape, the marriage duration, and more.

What’s the Best Approach for Your Divorce in Maplewood

Deciding to divorce is challenging and each case is unique. It’s important to understand that you have various paths in moving forward:

Litigation: This common method involves one spouse filing for dissolution in court. Both parties hire separation attorneys. Often adversarial, if disagreements arise, the judge decides post-trial. Suitable for low-trust scenarios or where financial clarity is needed.

Mediation: Here, a neutral mediator, skilled in family law, assists couples in reaching agreements. They guide on legal matters, help draft agreements, and ensure a fair negotiation. While spouses can consult their separation attorneys, it’s optional. Ideal for couples wishing to avoid court but needing structured negotiations.

The Kitchen Table: Couples negotiate terms directly. After agreements, one might hire a separation attorney for the necessary paperwork, or they might file themselves. Best for low-conflict situations where there’s mutual financial understanding and trust.

Collaborative Practice: This non-confrontational approach involves meetings with each spouse and their collaborative law-trained attorneys. The process might also involve other experts like therapists or financial advisors, emphasizing problem-solving and mutual agreement before court processing.

In all scenarios, tailored advice ensures the best outcome. Choose the path aligning with your needs and trust levels. Whether you’re considering mediation, collaborative law, or any other approach, our Maplewood legal separation attorney will be on your side with clarity and compassion. 

Our Maplewood Legal Separation attorneys Can Support Your Divorce Process

At Raza Family Law Solutions we know that going through a divorce is overwhelming, filled with emotional and legal complexities. Our commitment is to help our clients find peaceful family law answers that work. 

Our Maplewood legal separation attorneys are here to answer your questions, explain your options, guide you through the process, and take action to protect your best interests. 

Call us today at (314) 314-5505 to set up a confidential, no-obligation consultation. We provide divorce representation in Maplewood, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and throughout the wider region.

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