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Richmond Heights Child Custody

When you go through a divorce, there’s a lengthy process with a lot of issues involved. As you progress through a divorce, there are many elements you’ll need to agree to. When the divorcing couple has a child, the parents and the court will determine who gets custody.

Child custody refers to where the child lives, when the parents visit the child, and which parents make decisions for the child. Custody and visitation is often done on a schedule

Child custody issues can be contentious. Both parents tend to want custody of their child, so it can turn into a battle quickly. Looking for peaceful solutions that focus on cooperation? Contact a Richmond Heights child custody lawyer from Raza Family Law Solutions to learn more. 

Types of Child Custody

There are two main types of child custody in Missouri: legal custody and physical custody. 

Legal custody refers to the decision making power over the child. These would be everyday decisions like where the child attends school, discipline, and medical care. It also refers to religion, such as whether or not the child will attend church. In short, legal custody refers to the authority a parent has relating to the health, education, and welfare of the child. 

Physical custody refers to where the child physically resides. It’s more common for the child to move between the homes of the two parents, but there are situations where the child lives with one parent and the other has visitation rights. 

For each of these types of custody, there is sole custody and joint custody. Joint custody is more common in Missouri. In fact, the courts try to push for joint custody because it allows both parents to be a part of their child’s life, which is known to be better for children. Joint custody takes into account the best interests of the child and means both parents have legal or physical custody or both, at 50/50 or a close split. 

Sole custody means only one parent is granted legal and/or physical custody over the child. A parent may be granted sole custody in one area and joint custody in another. Sole custody is not common but it can happen if the judge decides that the child should not have contact with one parent because they are unfit. This may happen in cases involving incarceration, substance abuse, physical abuse, and neglect. 

Contact a Richmond Heights Child Custody Lawyer Today

Divorcing is hard enough for a couple; it’s even harder when children are involved. Regardless of their ages, parents need to do their part to help their child through the process rather than making matters worse.

The team at Raza Family Law Solutions knows how challenging a divorce can be. Let us help you find peaceful solutions. Schedule a consultation with a Richmond Heights child custody lawyer by calling (314) 314-5505 or filling out the online form.

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