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Ferguson Child Support Lawyer

We Handle Child Support Cases in Ferguson and Throughout the Greater St. Louis Metro Area

At Raza Family Law Solutions, our Ferguson child support attorney is an experienced and reliable advocate for parents. Our firm puts a strong emphasis on helping our clients find peaceful solutions that avoid costly, protracted litigation. We firmly believe that all child support matters require personalized legal representation. If you have any questions or concerns about a child support case in St. Louis County, we are here as the legal resource you can trust. Contact us today to set up your confidential consultation with a top Missouri child support lawyer. 

An Overview of Child Support Laws in Missouri

Child support cases are largely governed by state law. Parents dealing with child support cases in Ferguson should have an understanding of Missouri law. Some central points to know about child support in Missouri are as follows: 

  • Parents Have a General Duty to Support their Children: In Missouri, both parents are legally obligated to contribute to the financial support of their children. Indeed, the state recognizes the fundamental right of children to receive adequate care. The duty to provide child support typically continues until the child reaches the age of 18 or until the date of their high school graduation (if before their 19th birthday). Both mothers and fathers have equal child support rights and responsibilities. Either parent could be entitled to receive or ordered to pay child support. 
  • The are Child Support Guidelines in Place in Our State: Missouri has established child support guidelines to calculate the amount of support a parent must provide. These guidelines consider various factors, including the income of both parents, the number of children, and the needs of the children. The state uses a “Form 14” for calculation—which is designed to help ensure a standardized approach. The guidelines aim to provide a fair and equitable distribution of financial responsibility between the parents, reflecting the income and the needs of the child. Have questions about the application of child support guidelines? Our Ferguson, MO child support lawyers are more than ready to help. 
  • Deviation from the Guidelines is Possible When Warranted: While the child support guidelines provide a baseline for calculations, Missouri law acknowledges that there may be circumstances that justify a deviation from these guidelines. Situations such as extraordinary medical expenses, special educational needs, or significant travel expenses for visitation can lead to adjustments. The courts have the discretion to deviate from the standard calculation when they find it necessary to meet the best interests of the child, ensuring that the support provided is both fair and responsive to the child’s unique needs. It should be noted that the parent who is seeking a deviation from the state’s child support guidelines—whether they want to receive more or pay less—has the burden of proving that such a deviation is appropriate and justified by the situation. 
  • Missouri Will Enforce Child Support Violations: Missouri takes the enforcement of child support orders seriously. Failure to comply with a child support order can lead to severe legal consequences, including wage garnishments, seizure of tax refunds, the suspension of professional or driver’s licenses, and even jail time. The state employs various methods to ensure compliance and holds non-compliant parents accountable. Strict enforcement underscores the importance Missouri places on the financial support of children and the responsibility of parents to provide for their well-being. If you have any questions about child support enforcement, our Ferguson child support attorney is ready to help. 

We Handle All Types of Child Support Cases in Ferguson, MO

We are a law firm focused on family law. Our legal team has extensive experience taking on a wide range of family law matters, including child support cases. Indeed, we represent both mothers and fathers in child support cases in Ferguson. No matter the situation that you are currently dealing with, our team is more than ready to determine the best path forward. Along with other types of child support cases, our Ferguson family lawyer is prepared to assist clients with: 

  • Child support representation for mothers; 
  • Child support representation for fathers; 
  • Child support settlement negotiation; 
  • Child support modifications; and
  • Collection of past due child support. 

Our Law Firm Puts an Emphasis on Collaborative Solutions in Child Support Cases

As a parent, you do not want to end up locked in a prolonged, difficult battle over child support. At Raza Family Law Solutions, we place a strong emphasis on collaborative solutions in our approach to child support matters. Whenever possible, our Ferguson child support lawyer helps parents find non-litigation solutions—saving time, saving money, and preserving relationships. We actively engage in constructive dialogues, aiming to help our clients find the low-conflict resolution that is in their best financial interests. Our Ferguson child support attorney understands that one-size-fits-all representation is not good enough for parents in St. Louis County. 

Why Trust Ferguson Child Support Attorney Sophya Qureshi Raza for Help 

Child support cases are complex. If you have a lot of questions about your rights and responsibilities under Missouri law, you are certainly not alone. The right attorney can make the difference. Our founding member Sophya Qureshi Raza is a family lawyer with extensive experience handling complex child support matters. We work proactively to help parents find the right answers. Among other things, our Ferguson child support lawyer is prepared to: 

  • Conduct a comprehensive, confidential review of your case; 
  • Investigate your child support case—helping you gather financial records; 
  • Represent you in settlement negotiations with your co-parent; and
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy to help you obtain the best outcome. 

Contact Our Ferguson Child Support Lawyer Today

At Raza Family Law Solutions, our Ferguson child support attorney is a compassionate, experienced advocate for parents. Have questions about child support? Our legal team is here as a resource. Contact us now to arrange your completely confidential, no obligation case evaluation. We provide child support representation to parents in Ferguson, St. Louis County, and throughout the area.

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