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When do maintenance payments stop?

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In Missouri, maintenance payments, which are also commonly referred to as alimony or spousal support, typically stop under certain circumstances, as determined by the court or through a divorce agreement. The specific circumstances under which maintenance payments stop can vary based on the terms set forth in the divorce decree or court order. Some common situations that may lead to the termination of maintenance payments in Missouri include:

  • A specified end date: Maintenance payments may stop on a specified date, as outlined in the divorce agreement or court order.
  • The recipient spouse remarries: In many cases, maintenance payments will end if the recipient spouse remarries, as the assumption is that they will have the support of their new spouse.
  • The death of either party: Maintenance payments generally cease upon the death of either the paying or receiving spouse, unless the divorce decree specifies otherwise.
  • Cohabitation: Some divorce agreements may stipulate that maintenance payments will end if the recipient spouse begins cohabiting with a new partner, akin to marriage.
  • A significant change in circumstances: Maintenance payments may be modified or terminated if there is a substantial change in the financial circumstances of either party, such as a significant increase in the recipient spouse’s income or a substantial decrease in the paying spouse’s income.
  • A court order: Maintenance payments can be modified or terminated if either party seeks a court order for such changes due to unforeseen circumstances.

It’s important to note that the exact terms and conditions surrounding maintenance payments can vary from one divorce case to another, so it’s crucial to refer to the specific divorce agreement or court order for the accurate details regarding when maintenance payments stop in a particular case. Additionally, consulting with an attorney or seeking legal advice is recommended if you have questions or concerns about maintenance payments in your specific situation.

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