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What Papers do I Need to File to Begin Divorce Proceedings?

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To begin divorce proceedings in Missouri, you typically need to file the following documents with the circuit court in the county where either you or your spouse resides:

  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage: This document initiates the divorce process. It includes basic information about you, your spouse, your marriage, and the grounds for divorce (such as irretrievable breakdown of the marriage).
  • Case Information Sheet: This form provides the court with essential details about you, your spouse, and your case.
  • Parenting Plan (if you have minor children): This document outlines the proposed legal and physical custody arrangements, visitation schedules, and other important decisions related to the children.
  • Financial Statement: This form discloses your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities to help determine issues like child support, spousal maintenance, and property division.
  • Certificate of Entry of Decree of Dissolution of Marriage: This document is used to record the final divorce decree once it is granted.

You may also need to file additional forms depending on your specific circumstances, such as:

  • Request for Family Court Services (if seeking custody evaluation or mediation)
  • Proof of Income and Assets (pay stubs, tax returns, etc.)
  • Summons (if your spouse needs to be formally served with the divorce papers)

It’s advisable to consult with a local divorce attorney or review the requirements on the Missouri Courts website ( to ensure you have all the necessary documents and information for your particular case.

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