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What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Alimony?

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If you don’t pay court-ordered alimony (also called spousal support or maintenance) in Missouri, there can be serious legal consequences. Here are some potential outcomes:

  • Contempt of Court: Failure to pay alimony is considered contempt of the court order that established the alimony obligation. The ex-spouse owed the payments can file a motion for contempt with the court.
  • Wage Garnishment: The court can order that your wages be garnished (a portion automatically deducted from your paycheck) to pay the alimony arrears (past due amounts) and keep payments current.
  • Tax Refund Interception: Missouri can intercept your state and federal tax refunds to pay overdue alimony.
  • Property Liens: Court judgments for unpaid alimony can result in liens being placed against your real estate, vehicles, bank accounts or other property.
  • License Suspension: Missouri can suspend driver’s licenses, professional licenses, recreational licenses and other state-issued credentials for non-payment of alimony.
  • Interest and Penalties: Unpaid alimony accrues interest charges and late payment penalties that increase the total amount owed over time.
  • Criminal Charges: In some cases of willful non-payment, criminal charges for non-support can potentially be filed.

The key is to pay alimony as ordered or work with the court promptly if you cannot pay due to a legitimate financial hardship. Ignoring the obligation only leads to potential fines, garnishments and other enforcement actions. Seeking a modification is better than non-payment.

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